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Behold! A Puerto Rican with No Heat Tolerance.


I’m kind of curious to know what your guys’ thoughts are! :)

sockmonkeyrenegade Asked:
I assume that you have been thinking about me today, as I have been thinking about you, and that you love it when I tell you how gorgeous you are~

My answer:



That assumption is correct. I thought about you even while I was watching Peter Dinklage and Danny Puddi fight demons while wearing LARP gear.

Be jealous, kids. This is what true love looks like.

Aren’t they just so precious? Gives me hope, it does.

Huh, I’ve never seen that before in my game. Poor guy, we must send him fruit baskets.

I feel like Egbert would be too proud to accept handouts. Why else would he have yet to admit his fall from grace?

I’ve never heard of anyone else having people revisit their towns, but maybe it’s just a thing that’s so common that everybody’s like, “Oh yeah, that happens from time to time.” XD Granted, I got the game in December and Egbert left several months ago, so maybe it just takes a while to happen?

I’m ashamed to say that the hannigram shipper in me was like “WHAT IS HE TRYING TO WOO HANNIBAL BY ATTEMPTING TO LOOK PRESENTABLE????” I haven’t seen tonight’s episode though just last Friday’s :/

Will Graham needs to dial down that “clean cut college boy” shit because we all know that Hannibal likes it when Will’s rocking that “harried librarian fresh out of bed” look.

  • Lauren: Hannibal, I don't think weird is the right word to describe you.
  • Me: Douche canoe. Dooooooouuuuuuche canooooooooe.
  • Lauren: I just imagined a silver canoe, because you know he would.
  • Me: Of course he would.

…so I guess next week’s episode is a crossover with Supernatural and Teen Wolf…?

I am totally okay with his social worker being in that horse.

That dude was a dollar store douche canoe.

Zeller? Apologizing?

Because he’s super guilty about Beverly. I’ll accept it. I might even write some “drunk guilty Zeller” fic about it.

"It’s fine to be weird."

You aren’t weird, Hannibal. You’re a douche canoe. Also, this woman he’s treating? I like her. She has potential. Which means she won’t last long, will she?

  • Me: I don't think I like Will's hairstyle. I miss the curls. They need to bring back the curls.
  • Lauren: It looks funny because it is so unlike him, like he is trying to smooth away the crazy.

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