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Behold! A Puerto Rican with No Heat Tolerance.

I am still working some stuff out. A good Tumblr name, a good Tumblr title, etcetera-etcetera… This was all way easier with my other Tumblr, that’s for sure!

So far all I know is I want to mostly post stuff from the little painting/doodle journal I’ve started to keep, as well as art I find to be really awesome, and any other random thing I find of keen interest. Something like that.

Anyway. Here. Have a doodle drawn on paper not in my painting/doodle journal.

Cris. Texas. May 5, 1987.

INFP. Ravenclaw.

Avon Girl.

Blainer's House.

Writer. Student. Daydreamer.

Mark Sheppard's boyfriend.

Overtly sexual. Hopeless romantic.

Enjoys answering questions.

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Apr 20th - May 20th

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