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Behold! A Puerto Rican with No Heat Tolerance.

  • Darren mentioning that he loves Murder by Death!
  • Terrance referring to The Dresden Dolls in his list of musical influences for TDC’s sound!
  • Darren: “I have a man crush for Marc Senter.”
  • Apparently the soundtrack available at Hot Topic is an expanded soundtrack with 18 songs. And I’ve just sworn off buying more things this month.
  • I’m really, really glad I pre-ordered the Ringmaster edition of the DVD.
  • The Barrens sounds pretty cool.
  • Darren has more than one man crushes, apparently.
  • I really should start readingĀ The Molting
  • Oh man this livestream is just reminding me of all my TDC headcanon that I haven’t written up yet, especially about the Painted Doll. Would anyone even be interested in reading about that?
  • Terrance: “I fear not being able to finish what I’ve started.” Same, bb.
  • Darren: “[I fear] Abandonment and being alone.” Ugh, SAME.

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