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Behold! A Puerto Rican with No Heat Tolerance.

See these? These are empanadillas.

Empanadillas are a Puerto Rican dish. (These specific ones are full of chicken and egg.) Mexicans have something similar called empanadas, something I’ve encountered repeatedly in the going-on-eight years I’ve lived in Texas.

Empanadillas beat the pants off any commercial Hot Pocket in existence. Yes, even the mozzarella and Italian sausage ones.

My favorite filling? Cheese.

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    My mom use to make AWESOME empanadillas. Beef and potatoes, shrimp ones, pizza ones. OMG
  7. labrattish said: my fave empanadas are chorizo and potato or picadillo. Though I’m partial to the baked over the fried version. I also love pumpkin and sweet potato ones.

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