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Behold! A Puerto Rican with No Heat Tolerance.

Let’s focus on some positive stuff today, shall we? Like this really cute watercolor art of Sailor Saturn that I had done at Texas Comicon by Amanda Kirk, aka Nation of Amanda, which I thankfully photographed with my phone. She was really super rad and didn’t mind Professor Biology (who got art of Raven from Teen Titans) and me hanging around watching her work.

I’m still kind of wishing I’d bought her “All I Want is to Pet All of the Dogs” shirt. (I had a picture of the patch version, but for some reason, Tumblr doesn’t want to upload it. :\) Luckily for me, they’re available online!

Cris. Texas. May 5, 1987.

INFP. Ravenclaw.

Avon Girl.

Blainer's House.

Writer. Student. Daydreamer.

Mark Sheppard's boyfriend.

Overtly sexual. Hopeless romantic.

Enjoys answering questions.

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Apr 20th - May 20th

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